Parent Societies

Parent Advisory Council

The St. Theresa Parent Advisory Council performs many vital functions for our school community, by helping to facilitate school wide student functions and providing valuable funding to our school via fundraising.  Parents involved in the PAC learn about planning and development within the school and are part of the planning process.  These roles make their involvement very important to the families, administration and teachers.

2018-2019 PAC Executive

Chair:  Paige Smith

Vice Chair: Debbie Garritty

Treasurer:  James Kriese

Secretary:  Kent Ziegler

Fundraising Coordinator:  Paige Smith


September 26, 2018 Parent Council Minutes

Total Attendance: 11

School Representation – Lorne Monaghan (Principal), Sean Gregg (Vice Principal)

 Parent Council Representation – Paige Smith (Chair and Fundraising Coordinator), James Kriese (Treasurer), Kent Ziegler (Secretary)

 Other Parent Representation – 6

 Agenda and Notes:

  1. Introductions and prayer – Special welcome to our new Vice Principal!
  2. Election of Officers

The floor was opened for nominations, the floor was called three times for each position, no second nominations were made, all positions were subsequently acclaimed.


Paige Smith – Chair (thank you Paige!!!)

Debbie Garritty  - Vice Chair

Treasurer – James Kriese

Fundraising Coordinator – Paige Smith

Secretary – Kent Ziegler


  1. Treasurer’s report (James Kriese)– Current balance: $8314.34


  1. Administration Report (given by Mr. Monaghan) –

                587 students this year.   This year’s theme is “We are his masterpiece”.

School budget is on track.

School has a family wellness worker for families that need help.  Terry fox run was a great success.  This year the school would like to continue to support Valeda House and perhaps a few other good local charities as well.  St. T.’s Parent Council supports expanding the breadth and reach of the school’s volunteer and fund raising efforts.

                There is a St. Theresa School App on the “App Store”, parents are encouraged to get it and use it.

  1. Fundraising update –

Cobbs has offered a great fundraising opportunity, they will make a donation to the school for every dollar spent at Cobbs.  More information to follow, Paige to enter into agreement on behalf of parent council.  Other fundraising suggestions were discussed including Nitza’s Pizza (possibly too many restrictions for coupon use), and Little Ceasars.  Paige and fundraising volunteer team to explore further as they see fit.


We will have another “Christmas Family Fun Night” on December 19th at 6pm.  Last year was great fun and raised lots of money for the school as it had sleigh rides, and a silent auction as well.  Volunteers to set this up needed!


Next meeting:

General Parent Council Meeting  -  November 8th, 6pm,held in school library.

 Parent Council Executive Team Meeting:  Offsite on Oct 25th at 6 pm to discuss yearly funding requests and present final recommendations to Parent Council at Nov 8th meeting for approval.


Parent Council Meeting Minutes November 22, 2018 6:00 pm

Total Attendance: 12

School Representation – Lorne Monaghan (Principal), Michelle Szott (EICS School Board’s Trustee representative)

Parent Council Representation – Paige Smith (Chair and Fundraising Coordinator), James Kriese (Treasurer), Kent Ziegler (Secretary)

Regrets: Sean Gregg (Vice Principal)

Other Parent Representation – 7

 Agenda and Notes:

  1. Introductions and prayer
  2. Treasurer’s report (James Kriese)– Current balance: $8,373.84.

Funding requests for 2018-19 were assessed at an October 25, 2018 parent council executive meeting and brought forward to greater parent council meeting this evening for council approval: 

  1. Indigenous Elder Speaking Fees: $2500
  2. Birch Bay: $2350
  3. Shotgun microphones: $990
  4. Google card board: $240
  5. Art/Decorations ($92.95)


        The above requests (totalling $6,172.95) were motioned for approval by James Kriese, seconded by Paige Smith and     approved by open vote.  These will be paid for out of $8,373.84 funds.


  1. Administration Report (given by Mr. Monaghan) –

Principal Monaghan  discussed how St. T’s was willing and able to assist in the recent emergency evacuation of the library and Bedford Village facilities.  Although challenging, the process worked and was a great demonstration of how St. Ts and EICS support the greater Sherwood Park community!

                Next meeting, Principal Monaghan will discuss survey results in more detail,   Basically, St. T.’s was above provincial  averages in almost all survey areas.  Thank you staff and teachers at St. Ts !

                There are two catholic education support initiatives: PACE – Parent’s Advocates for Catholic Education and GRACE –                 Greatful Advocates for Catholic Education.

Lisa Casillas, family wellness worker at EICS, discussed the special presentation on cyberawareness for parents and kids which is happening Tuesday, November 27th 2018 at St. Ts, 7pm start.  Learn how to protect yourself and your kids!

  1. Fundraising update –

Little Caesar’s fundraising was a success.  We raised approximately $1700, which was about what was raised last year.   Special thanks to Melanie Martinez (and of course, Paige Smith) their help with the promotion!

We will have another “Christmas Family Fun Night” on December 20th at 6pm (note: there was an error in previous meeting minutes, it had said Dec 19th, that was an error, actual date is Dec 20th) .  Last year was great fun and raised lots of money for the school as it had sleigh rides, and a silent auction as well.  Volunteers to set this up still needed!

Next meeting:

General Parent Council Meeting  -  January 10th, 6pm, held in school library.














Bilingual Ukrainian Catholic Parents Society (BUCPS)


Bilingual Ukrainian Catholic Parents Society (BUCPS)

Bitaemo! Sherwood Park's Ukrainian Bilingual Program began in 1980 and has seen decades of success in academic achievement, global learning, and celebration of the rich Ukrainian heritage. Students flourish in an academically challenging and supportive environment with excellent teachers, dedicated support staff and a committed parent organization.

The Ukrainian Bilingual Program curriculum follows the Alberta Program of Studies for Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Physical Education, Health and Religious Studies. The Ukrainian Language Arts course is the primary vehicle of language instruction, and students are encouraged to use Ukrainian in other subject areas as well. Technology and computer skills are integrated in to the curriculum, as are Ukrainian cultural programs.

Students who have progressed through the program have developed life-long friendships and valuable global learning skills associated with second language study. From diversified thinking to effective communications skills in both English and Ukrainian, confidence to cultural appreciation, the program offers students a distinct advantage when entering postsecondary studies and pursuing future careers.

From Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, the Ukrainian Bilingual Program offers a community-minded cultural environment along with an enhanced academic curriculum. Open the door to your child's us today!

Visit us online at

Vision of BUCPS

A vibrant and strong Ukrainian Cultural Bilingual Community where students experience and develop life-long values related to Ukrainian culture, language, faith and traditions.

Mission of BUCPS

To promote, advocate, support and foster cultural and educational opportunities for students in the Ukrainian Bilingual Program.


2018-2019 Executive

President Clayton Starko         
Vice-President            Christine Kope
Interim Treasurer Lori Lewyta
Secretary Jennifer Lychak


NEXT MEETING: Jan 14th at 7:00 pm in the St. Theresa school library 


To contact BUCPS, please email: