Report Absences

Absence Reporting Procedure

Attendance Reporting Procedures 

The previously used SafeArrival absence reporting app has been discontinued and a new process is available in your parent PowerSchool account:

When you log into your parent portal account, a list of all the students currently attached to your account will be listed across the top of the screen.  Please use the website only.  The PS App is unavailble to report absences.

After choosing a student, the very first option on the left is the ability to
enter/review upcoming absences.
When you click this link, a list of absences entered by parent accounts for
the past 30 days will be shown. (This list does not include days when a
student was absent but the absence was not entered by the parent - only absences entered through this
system are displayed.)
After clicking the link, you can then choose whether to enter a single day or multi-day absence.

To enter an absence, provide the appropriate information for the following questions:
● The date of the absence (or the start/end date for a multi day absence).
● The reason for the absence (Flu-like Symptoms, Other Illness or Parental Excused).
● The absence type (Full Day, Late Arrival, Early Departure, Leave and Return).
○ Note: If you choose a partial day absence, you will also be asked to provide an approximate
arrival and/or departure time.
● A box for comments is available if you have further information you wish to share

You are also still able to call the school office at 780-464-4001 and leave a message or email the school office at 

Important to note:

If a student is arriving late to school, ensure that they are directed to check in at the school office before going to class.

Students who are marked absent without parent notification to the office will be marked unverified absent and an email notifying parents of the absence will be generated.  Please call the school office or email to report the reason for the absence.

If you have any changes to your contact information (ie. new phone numbers, cell phone numbers) please call or email the school so we can update the records for you.