Principal-Mr. Lorne Monaghan   Email
Asst. Principal - Mr. Sean Gregg   Email
Asst. Principal-Mrs. Becky Gumpinger   Email



  Mrs. Bishop Grade 5   Email
  Mr. Boyne Grade 7   Email
  Miss Bodnarek Grade 7   Email
  Mrs. Congdon-Reitzel Grade 7   Teacher's Page Email
  Miss Cormier Grade 7   Email
  Ms. Brownlee Grade 8   Email
  Mr. Davison Grade 6  Teacher's Page Email
  Mme Dempster French Teacher's Page Email
  Mr. Elkow Construction   Email
  Mrs. Duncan Grade 6   Email
  Mrs. French Grade 5-  Teacher's Page Email
  Miss Gartner Grade 8 -  Teacher's Page Email
  Mrs. Healey Grade 8  Teacher's Page Email
  Mrs. Collins Grade 6   Email 
  Mr. Miskiw Grade 6-Ukrainian   Email 
  Miss Kaiser Grade 5   Email
  Mrs. Knox Grade 6   Email
  Ms. Labonte Foods/Gr 7   Email
  Mrs. Lampka Grade 7   Email
  Mrs. Lazor Grade 8   Email
  Mr. Lesoway Grade 8-  Teacher's Page Email
  Mrs. Miskew Currently on leave Teacher's Page Email
  Mr. Miskiw Grade 6 Ukrainian   Email
  Mr. Olijnyk Grade 5- Ukrainian Bilingual Teacher's  Email
  Mrs. Rock Facilitator   Email
  Mrs. Nachbaur Grade 5-  Teacher's Page Email
  Mrs. Pohoreski Grade 5-8 Fine Arts, Ukrainian Teacher's Page Email
  Mr. Proulx Grade 7 & 8 French, SFL, Gym Teacher's Page Email
  Mr. Rodriguez Grade 7, Jr. High options Teacher's Page Email
  Mrs. Metzger Pathways   Email 
  Mr. Stabile Grade 5 Teacher's Page Email
  Mr. Stephens Grade 8  Teacher's Page Email
  Mrs. Sutcliffe Grade 7   Teacher's Page Email
  Educational Assistants      
  Mrs. Clark      
  Mrs. Chisholm      
  Mrs. Flanagan      
  Mrs. Hrycun      
  Mrs. Reece       
  Mrs. Roberts      
  Mrs. Senek      
  Mrs. Vaters      
  Mrs. Wispinski      

Support Staff


  Mrs. Chalifoux Secretary   Email
  Mrs. Dux Secretary    Email
  Mr. Carlos Casillas Family Wellness Worker   Email
  Mrs. Susan Wagner Librarian   Email
  Mrs. Laughlin Cafeteria   Email
  Ms. Peque Daytime Custodian    


District Emergency

EICS Schools Transition to Online Learning

EICS schools will be moving to online learning beginning Monday, May 10th. If you have specific questions, please contact the school office. Take care and stay well.