Hot Lunch

Taste of St. T's

We are pleased to have a fully functioning cafeteria to serve our students 5 days a week.  


  • To order visit    Access code is STSP
  • Ordering for March is now open, with a deadline of Wednesday February 26th to place your online orders.
  • Parents can order healthy hot lunches for their children online, without having to worry about sending money to school, or what they might choose.  Students can also bring cash and buy lunch without having ordered ahead of time.
  • Parents have input in assisting what their children will be eating for lunch.
  • An added bonus is that the cafeteria will keep students from wanting to go to nearby facilities for lunch.


The menus for February and March can be found using the links below if you don't wish to place any orders online, but would like to send cash for your child to purchase lunch at any time:

February Hot Lunch Menu

March 2020 Hot Lunch Menu