Extracurricular-Currently all extracurricular activities and sports are unable to take place

What extra-curricular activities are available to students?

The following is a list of activities that will be available to students at various times throughout the year.  

Students who are involved in their school community in a variety of ways are more likely to feel more empowered, engaged and care about their school environment.  

We encourage students to take part in a variety of activities at St. Theresa Catholic School.  


Bandura Lessons

Boy's Volleyball


Basketball- Rec. 5 & 6

Strong Girls Club

Boy's Volleyball- Junior

Cross Country Running Team

Curling Team- 5-8

Diversity Club

Healthy Active Living Day(s)

Intramurals- 5-8

Girl's Basketball

Girls Volleyball

Golf Team- 5-8

 Jasper Ski Trip- 7 & 8

Knights of Columbus Track & Field- 5-8

Linking Generations, grade 7/8

Montreal Trip- Grade 8 

Recycling Program

Ski Club

Skills Canada Field Trip

Student Council

Swimming Lessons- Grade 5 & 6

Triathlon- "Ken Szopa Healthy Living Triathlon"


Young Author's Conference

Young Scientist Conference