Frequently Asked Questions

Are students allowed to go to the mall during lunch?

 St. Theresa Catholic School is a closed campus. Students will not be allowed to leave at their own will during the course of the day.

Safety cannot be guaranteed when students leave the school site.  The Police Resource Officer has indicated that it is not safe for students to go to the mall, as there often are individuals known to them that frequent the mall. Many neighboring schools allow their students to leave during lunch.  As such, St Theresa students are not permitted to leave school grounds for lunch even with parent permission, unless they are being picked up by a designated adult and the office is notified.


Will our students be allowed to interact with the public high school students?

When students are outside, there will be adequate supervision to deter any interaction between the students from other schools.

To date, there have been no issues with any interaction with the students from the high school.

What opportunities are there for student leadership?

Leadership opportunities at St. Theresa Catholic Middle School will strive to be student-driven and encourage shared decision making.

Staff would like to maintain a close relationship with our sister schools, St. Nicholas Catholic, Madonna Catholic and Holy Spirit Catholic School. We will be open to setting up opportunities to mentor younger students, to attend celebrations and special events to foster connections with these schools.

Each class will have the opportunity to lead school assemblies and prayers.

Student Council will be an active part of the school, with representatives from each classroom taking part in the council. 

Leadership students will assist with the organization and running of events in the school.