Unique Programs

Performing Arts - SUSPENDED FOR THE 2020-2021 YEAR


The Performing Arts have the power to engage students in a dynamic educational experience, where they can uncover and explore their God-given talents.  The arts allow for students to develop creativity, ingenuity, empathy and innovation, which are the keys to success in today’s complex, changing world.  Students will have an in-depth experience through:

  • Drama
  • Music
  • Movement and Dance 
  • Supplemental classes in Media and Set Design

Students will work towards a culminating project(s), such as a Broadway Musical.

Workshops/Activities include:

A Performing Arts teacher will be present and teach classes, however, whenever possible, professionals in the arts will be employed to conduct workshops with the students.  

  • Introductory Retreat
  • Vocal Production
  • Working with Mics
  • Theatre Makeup
  • Set Design
  • Special Costuming
  • Prop creation
  • Professional Instructors in specialist areas 
  • Music Appreciation
  • Media/Sound

Why Performing Arts at St. Theresa?

  • St. Theresa has a beautiful theatre that seats 200 people.  There is great potential to develop the arts in this amazing facility.  A little known fact, is that there are only a handful of theatres built in Alberta's schools.  
  • We have experienced teachers who are immersed in the arts world.  

Mrs. Pohoreski is a music major who conducts a professional choir in Edmonton. She also is involved in drama and theatre in the local arts community. 

Mr. Olijnyk is a director of a professional dance company in Edmonton and also teaches the Drama 7 option class

Mrs. Congdon-Reitzel has a long lasting love theatre in all of it's form. Growing up in the dance studio and on the stage, her passion for the arts goes past inifinity and beyond. She teaches Performing Arts 6 and 7, along with Musical theatre. 

Ms. Belke is a current dancer for a semi-professional dance company, an active member in the arts community and owner of an amateur theatre company. She continues to teach dance and acro throughout the province and is excited to be apart of the grade 6 performing arts program.


  • Skills that are proven to be developed by the arts:
  • For a comprehensive explanation, click on this link

1.  Creativity

2.  Confidence

3.  Problem Solving

4.  Perseverance

5.  Focus/Team Work

6.  Non-Verbal Communication

7.  Receiving Constructive Feedback

8.  Collaboration

9.  Dedication

10.  Accountability


Sport for Life Program - SUSPENDED FOR THE 2020-2021 YEAR

The mission of the Sport for Life Program is to provide students exposure to a variety of sport and recreation activities in a Catholic environment with the focus on creating life-long active and healthy lifestyles. Students will have the benefit of building athletic skill, along with leadership qualities in a faith-filled setting.

The program is based on the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) model, which is a movement to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada through improved athlete training and better integration between all stakeholders in the sport system, including sport organizations, education, recreation and health 

The program will be based on the following curricula:
 Physical Education
 Health
 Career and Technology Foundations

Topics of Study 

 Sports Leadership
 Health and Nutrition
 Sports Psychology
 Training Principles
 Performance Evaluation
 Sports Injuries
 Sports Careers
 Personal Development

Open to Grades 5- 8   

Students receive instruction of core subjects: Mathematics, Science, Social, Language Arts and Religion
 Students take 1 additional option per term, or 1 full year optional course in grade 7 & 8
 All classes will be supervised by certified teachers
 For specialty sports, certified instructors will be employed to ensure correct training and implementation
 Based on Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) and Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD), a developmental pathway whereby athletes follow optimal training, competition, and recovery regimens

For more information, please download the

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Ukrainian Bilingual Program

The Ukrainian Bilingual Program in Sherwood Park began in 1980 and has seen decades of success in academic achievement, global learning, and celebration of the rich Ukrainian heritage. From preschool/Sadochok to grade 12, the Ukrainian Bilingual Program offers a highly academic program in a faith filled cultural environment and provides children with a wealth of experiences and advantages that benefit them within the classroom walls and beyond.

The elementary school component is taught at Jean Vanier Catholic School and continues through the middle school years (grades 5-8) at St. Theresa Catholic School. The language is primarily taught through Ukrainian Language Arts and is integrated into other subject areas as well such as religion, music, health and art. Students participate in different religious and cultural celebrations/activities which help them gain an understanding of the Ukrainian Catholic faith, with special emphasis on the Byzantine Rite.

Students who have progressed through the program have developed life-long friendships as well as valuable global learning skills associated with second language study. From diversified thinking to effective communications skills in both English and Ukrainian, the program offers students a distinct advantage when entering post-secondary studies and future careers.