Ukrainian Bilingual Program

The Ukrainian Bilingual Program in Sherwood Park began in 1980 and has seen decades of success in academic achievement, global learning, and celebration of the rich Ukrainian heritage. From preschool/Sadochok to grade 12, the Ukrainian Bilingual Program offers a highly academic program in a faith filled cultural environment and provides children with a wealth of experiences and advantages that benefit them within the classroom walls and beyond.

The elementary school component is taught at St Nicholas Catholic School and continues through the middle school years (grades 5-8) at St. Theresa Catholic School. The language is primarily taught through Ukrainian Language Arts and is integrated into other subject areas as well such as religion, music, health and art. Students participate in different religious and cultural celebrations/activities which help them gain an understanding of the Ukrainian Catholic faith, with special emphasis on the Byzantine Rite.  At the senior high level, the program is available at Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School in Sherwood Park, where students receive language arts instruction in Ukrainian.

Students who have progressed through the program have developed life-long friendships as well as valuable global learning skills associated with second language study. From diversified thinking to effective communications skills in both English and Ukrainian, the program offers students a distinct advantage when entering post-secondary studies and future careers.