I am very excited to be on the St. Theresa's staff. I have grown up in the Elk Island Catholic School system and love to stay connected to my faith and community through teaching with this division as well. This will be my seventh year of teaching. I was at John Paul II High School and Jean Vanier School before joining the St. T staff. I have taught a wide variety of different subjects and have had great experiences so far! Some highlights include directing a drama production and planning a triathlon. My passion in university was history so if you want to get me off topic in class then just bring up any history fact! I am also passionate about sports and fitness so I get involved whenever I can with coaching, especially basketball and badminton. If I'm not at school you can find me playing fastball and basketball, spending time with my family and friends, lifeguarding and travelling the world in the summers!


This year I am taking part in a teacher exchange program and will headed to Kadina, South Australia in January. Patrick Keane will be coming to take my place here! Here is a message from him: 


G'day to all of you at St Theresa's! I hope you have had a great start to the 2016/17 school year, one in which I am excited to be a part of. I am very sorry for taking away Miss Miko from you for the year, but I do hope as her replacement, we can learn off of each other in many different ways. I am from a small country town called Kadina in South Australia (the driest state, in the driest continent, Australia). I have been teaching Physical Education, Mathematics and Science to grades 7-11 at Kadina Memorial School for the past few years. It will be great to see the learning and skills of students from the other side of the globe! Living in Kadina has given me the opportunity to continue my love of sports including: AFL (Australian Rules Football, check it out on Youtube), Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Mixed Netball, Badminton, Basketball and Golf. I'm looking forward to learning and being a part of your local sporting influences. Having never visited Canada before I will need the school community to help me experience the Canadian way the best way possible. I hope you're keen to show me your world renowned country. I wish you all a great first half of the year and I will meet you all in January 2017! Kind Regards, Patrick Keane