Miss Rylance

A bit about me!

My name is Ms. Rylance and this is not the first time I have the privilege to be a part of this family as I completed my first student teaching practicum of my degree with the fabulous Mrs. Gumpinger in Social and English Language Arts, just a short year ago. My experience with the school and staff was so fantastic and I only see this new journey being as great. Archbishop Jordan High School hosted me for my second practicum in the area of Social Studies.  I grew up in Edmonton, and graduated from the Ukrainian Bilingual Program.I have so many passions that are embedded in my life that have helped mold me into the teacher I am. I have 4 wonderful siblings who always challenge me ​(​as you may imagine​)​​, ​and I am so blessed to have them in my life. I am also involved in the world of Ukrainian Dance. I have taught dance for 8 years. I have ​also ​been ​​a​ ​part of ​dance ensembles which have​ allowed me to travel internationally​.  I formerly danced with Shumka​ and currently hold membership with the Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. Traveling is one of my largest loves and contributed to my interest in history and politics during my Education Degree. I expanded my knowledge of the Spanish Language by studying for a summer semester in Madrid, Spain and continue to seek out opportunities to learn more during my travels.

Teaching Philosophy:

I am a firm believer that we must work from the bottom up to make a difference and once a seed is planted in our students, our work has the ability to have long lasting effects. This ripple effect model is the base of my teaching philosophy and I am passionate about making a purposeful difference in each student’s life; hopefully, molding them into contributing citizens on our world stage.

Contact info:

email: caterina.rylance@eics.ab.ca

phone: 780-464-4001